Aleph Capital | Investment Strategy
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Corporate strategy based on four pillars to maximize shareholders’ returns: market momentum, proven technology, value oriented and indutrial partnerships

Market Momentum
  • Defined geographical scope based on stable regulatory and legal frameworks
  • Positioning to take advantage of energy reforms/ market momentum
  • Shift to PPA initiatives form FiT schemes dependence
Proven Technology
  • Tier 1 EPC Contractors with proven track record

Preferred technologies
PV Solar
Co-Generation (opportunistic)
Hydro-electricity (opportunistic)

Value Oriented
  • Investment at assets level to optimize shareholder’s returns (target IRR 15%)
  • Hands on management approach throughout all business aspects to increase profitability
  • Low risk profile and high visibility of cash flows and high (non recourse) gearing
Industrial Partnerships
  • Strategic alliances with landlords, eventually investing in the projects
  • Partnerships with tier one industrial players with preferential agreements for supply management
  • Final client potentially investing in the assets since development phase