Aleph Capital | Our Team
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Alfonso Botín

Professional Experience
16 years Private Equity
Executive Vice-President of Bankinter
Chairman of Linea Directa Aseguradora
Salomon Brothers

Academic Background
BU (Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration)

Partner & CEO

Eduardo Aguado

Professional Experience
14 years Private Equity
Texas Industries
Academic Background
BU (Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Business Administration)

Business Development Director

Pedro Targhetta

Professional Experience
5 years Private Equity
Corpfin Capital

Academic Background
Wharton (MBA)
MS Mining Engineering

Our founding members share more than 15 years’ experience in renewable energy.


The specialist investment team has been carefully selected for their proven, complementary skills – ranging from technical and developmental through M&A and project finance to operations and asset management in our four focus technologies: wind, solar, biomass and small hydro.


Pedro Urraca

Professional Experience
5 years Private Equity
UniCredit Markets & Investment Banking
ING Group
AT Kearney

Academic Background
CUNEF & UNED (Bachelor's Degree in Business Andministration & Law)

Mexico Director & Legal Counsel

Jaime Palomino

Professional Experience
GE Capital
Bank of America

Academic Background
Bachelor's Degree in Law
LLM (University of Virginia)

Legal Counsel

Rocío Utrera

Professional Experience
7 years Private Equity

Academic Background
San Pablo CEU (Bachelor's Degree in Law)

Between us, we have unrivalled access to all key stakeholders within the alternative energy market, such as developers, equipment manufacturers and debt capital providers. With multiple nationalities on the team – speaking a wide range of European languages – we excel at building true, long-term partnerships.

This powerful blend of know-how and networks positions us to guide investors, proactively drive solutions and deliver sustained performance with integrity.